Villa delle Querce


The shape and the position in the lot comes from the presence of three massive oaks

  • Gross Built Area: 22600 sqf
  • Construction area: 4176 sqf
  • 360 VR


Villa delle Querce, is a modern villa located in Riano, an oasis of peace surrounded by greenery, just 15 minutes from the center of Rome.

The shape of the house and its position in the lot arise from the presence of three massive oaks (Querce is the italian for oaks).


The trees determine the principal axes of a geometric grid at 45 degrees, which organizes the whole project

The building is articulated in two bodies, villa and dependance, of different sizes and heights, marked by masonry walls that give rigor and hierarchy to the building, creating a play of light and shadows on the facades.
Wall partitions continue inside the house, generating a continuous space in which exterior and interior merge, the texture and intense coloring of the exposed brick walls contrast with the whiteness of the interiors, dominated by light woods and neutral tones.

The living room of the house is a double-height volume, the glass wall and the transparent floor of the balcony give the natural light a leading role.

The living room is dominated by iron and glass staircase which acts as a filter between the daytime public area and the private night area of the house, on the upper floor, where there are two bedrooms and a master suite with a walk-in closet and private bathroom.
Villa includes a dependance and a basement that receives natural light thanks to the slope of the land.


A radiant heating and cooling system is integrated into the floors and powered by a heat pump; the insulated glass windows, the security system and all-LED lighting make Oaks Villa a technically modern, safe and energy-efficient building.


The careful orientation, the trees and the overhangs of the terraces allow for sufficient shading to have seating and outdoor dining areas during the hot summer months.


We had the pleasure of creating Villa delle Querce working with the owner, Marco di Giovanni, an architect himself and a great friend. Marco passed away in 2018, it comforts us to know that we contributed to his legacy